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Incredible Applicant Screening Tools
Understanding your candidates has never been this easy.

Interview your Candidate online!
With Custom Questions, interviewing candidates has never been easier.
Create a job post. Add custom questions. Find out what you really want to know about your candidate.
Save time
Who has time to sort through thousands of apps? Only view applications that meet pre-specified criteria.

Create different types of questions.
Create questions in different formats:
Multiple Choice, Yes or No or Plain Text. Filter based on answers.

Filter the bad. Keep the good.
Applications that don't meet your criteria are automatically placed in your Filtered Inbox.

So Easy!
Adding your Custom Questions is a breeze.
Custom Questions Example
Personality Tests
Get to know your candidate before they ever walk in your door.
Have candidates take a Personality Test with their Job Application. Know who you're hiring.
Get in depth analysis of applicant's emotional intelligence.

View graphs and charts showing your applicants results from their personality test.

Proven, Established methods. Based on research starting from 1936.

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