The Power of People.

  • Say goodbye to the hard work of searching.
  • People search to find the best job for job seekers.
  • HeadHunters get money for every successful hire they initiate.
  • The Power of People working together, everybody wins.

What is HeadHunt?

It's Simple.

HeadHunt is the power of the people matching Job Seekers to the best Jobs. All Job Posts on jobbi are in HeadHunt. jobbi actually pays HeadHunters $1 for each successful HeadHunt! HeadHunters can get payed anywhere from $1 to $10,000 if the post is a HuntPost. It's the perfect way to attract the best and most relevant Job candidates.

How does it work?

HeadHunters get a simple side by side view of Resume Posts and Job Posts. They search for the best matches, and simply connect the dots.
After a brief explanation to the Job Seeker and Employer, the HeadHunter submits the their HeadHunt.
If and of the posts involved are also HuntPost the HeadHunter may stand to make much more money.

So give me an example!

  • An Employer creates a Job Post.
  • A Job Seeker creates a Resume Post and makes it a $150 HuntPost
  • One of the many HeadHunters finds both posts and realizes they are a perfect match.
  • The HeadHunter submits a HeadHunt, both Job Seeker and Employer review the recommendation.
  • Success! A match was made. HeadHunters have done it again and the HeadHunter gets $150!

Side by Side comparison.
Example of how
SuperPost gets you

HeadHunter making a recommendation.

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  • HeadHunters actively search and find a perfect matches for your Job.
  • jobbi's HeadHunting community connects people every day
  • Use HuntPost and pay HeadHunters to find your perfect employees. It's competitive.
  • get better placement on job boards

Job Seeker:

  • Create your Resume Post and HeadHunters find your perfect job for you.
  • HeadHunters connect people every day!
  • Use HuntPost and pay HeadHunters to get you your new job.