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Selling yourself is just better through Video than Paper.
Job Seekers who post Video Resumes are 8 times as likely to get the job.
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Outline your Video

1. Get your most important message across in 30 seconds.

2. Give about 1 to 2 minutes of individual highlights.

3. Be yourself. Employers want to know the real you. Authenticity scores points.

4. Generate curiosity and interest so that you snag the interview and get the job.
Dress to impress.
Wear something professional. Use good judgement and good taste. We strongly recommend that you do not record your video resume in a tank-top and your undies.
Create a suitable background.
You don't want employers distracted by your collection of action figures or laundry in the video. Rid the background of clutter by filming with a suitable background behind you.

First impressions count.
Similar to a paper resume, you want to capture the viewer's attention right away and then quickly get to the reasons why they should hire you.

Highlight your strong points.
Include information from your paper resume and answers to common interview questions. You only have 2 to 3 minutes, so stick to the highlights and save the details for the face to face interview.

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